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Shockwave, otherwise known as Radial Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (r-ESWT), is an evidence-based treatment that helps the body to recover from some chronic conditions. It involves passing low energy pressure waves into damaged tissues to increase blood flow and stimulate repair whilst reducing pain and allowing your body to restart its own natural healing process. You may experience some discomfort during treatment, but the pain should be tolerable, and the intensity can be adjusted accordingly. Due to the analgesic effect of Shockwave many patients report immediate pain relief following treatment.

How can Shockwave help me?

Problems that have been shown to improve with Shockwave are,

Plantar Fasciitis

Chronic tendonopathies such as:

Achilles, Patella (knee), Gluteal (buttock,side of hip pain), Adductors, Proximal Hamstring

Myofacial Pain

Tennis/Golfers elbow

Calcific Tendinopathy

It has NICE guidance for many indications.

If you have further questions, please ring the clinic to talk to Campbell Milton on 01737353660

How successful is the treatment?

2-3 sessions are sufficient for most patients to report complete pain relief or significant pain reduction. In chronic conditions alone, an overall success rate ranges from 60-80% when other treatments have been unsuccessful.

It works best when combined with a thorough rehab protocol which will be explained to you but to be completed in your own time, not in the clinic.


How many sessions will I need?

The amount of treatment sessions will vary dependent on the type of condition being treated. As a rule, 3-6 treatment sessions are advised.


Initial consultation and treatment £70

Individual sessions £70

Block of 3 sessions £200

Block of 5 sessions £300

Treatments last 20-30 mins but if you are a new patient the initial consultation will be extended to 1 hour so a thorough Case History. Examination and assessment can be carried out.

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