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Qualified Podiatrist's with more than 20 years experience in practice, provide friendly and caring foot care for all ages. Each team member has worked extensively in all Podiatry fields within the NHS and bring that knowledge and experience with them to Epsom Downs clinic.

HCPC Registered. No CH14397

Podiatry/Chiropody treatment is aimed at ensuring that the feet are as healthy and functioning as they should be. A Podiatrist is not concerned by how pretty a foot looks - we want the foot to function correctly and be as healthy as it can be!

Each Podiatrist at Epsom Downs Clinic is a member of The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and is registered with the Health Professionals Council.

The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists

Health Professionals Council

Royal College of Podiatry

When you visit a Podiatrist for the first time you will be asked some general questions about your health. Some health problems and medications affect the health of the lower limbs and feet.

Routine Podiatry/Chiropody treatment can help with the following problems:

  • Callus- This is an excessive build-up of skin (hyper-keratosis). Generally the cause is pressure. This pressure can come from various causes examples of these being foot wear & foot shape.

  • Corns - Corns are a central build-up of skin. The area where a corn develops is normally where there is a high area of pressure. Typically areas where a corn develops are over bony prominences, on the bottom of the foot and in-between digits.

  • Nail problems - Problems with nails can be far and wide ranging from in-grown nails, Psoriatic nails, fungal nails infections and general help to managing nail care.

  • Dermatological conditions - Verrucas, Psoriasis, Eczema and Athletes foot to name a few!

  • Diabetic foot care - Routine monitoring of foot health and at-risk factors.

  • Foot wear and general foot care advice.




Fungal Nails

Athletes Foot


Discoloured Nails

Dry Skin

Thick Nails

Ingrown Toenails

Bunions Nail


We also treat the following conditions


At Epsom Downs clinic we have direct contact with a local Podiatric Surgeon and can refer where necessary.

The Diabetic Foot


The Rheumatic Foot


Arthritis in the Foot


Hallux Limitus


Hammer Toes




Flat Feet


Plantar Fasciitis


Painful Feet

Monday-Friday appointments available
Please call the clinic to enquire

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