Professional & Experienced Foot Care in Epsom

HCPC registered Podiatrist's with over 20 years experience in NHS and Private practice

Our Services

Donna Kemp and Associates, all qualified Podiatrist's with more than 20 years experience in practice, provide friendly and caring foot care for all ages. Each team member has worked extensively in all Podiatry fields within the NHS and bring that knowledge and experience with them to Epsom Downs clinic.

The team provide treatment for the following conditions..


Fungal Nails
Athletes Foot
Discoloured Nails
Dry Skin
Thick Nails
Ingrown Toenails
Nail Reconstruction

We also treat the following conditions

At Epsom Downs clinic we have direct contact with a local Podiatric Surgeon and can refer where necessary.

The Diabetic Foot
The Rheumatic Foot
Arthritis in the Foot
Hallux Limitus
Hammer Toes
Flat Feet
Plantar Fasciitis
Painful Feet

Our Clinic

We have two well equipped clinic rooms. Each clinic room has excellent equipment and are private for assessment and treatment.

Getting Started

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